We believe that businesses can not only survive in this economy, but thrive. They just need to be given accurate information on how to make key decisions and need to be shown how to interpret that information with the correct perspective. The principals at RHP have over a century of combined experience. Our systems are water-tight, and our insight is based on entrepreneurial wisdom. That “human touch” allows us to deliver personalized service to our clients.

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Mr. Richard H. Perry

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Mr. Perry has been involved in the success of countless small and medium-sized businesses across America. He also serves on the boards of many of his clients’ businesses and his wisdom reaches far beyond that of the input/output of numbers and tax minimization. Mr. Perry’s deep desire is to see American businesses succeed at all times and he is passionate about bringing out-of-the-box ideas to his clients. Knowing the importance of execution, he stays with them throughout the implementation of these ideas. RHP was founded with this “partnership” mentality.