For nearly 30 years, the consultants and advisors of IFS have been providing simple solutions to complex issues. As a company, we strongly adhere to the core values of our region: honesty, integrity, leadership and hard work. These principles have helped create lasting partnerships with our clients, and have resulted in one of the fastest growing full-service firms in the region.

In each IFS division, experienced account service managers back our consultants. These seasoned professionals are dedicated to assisting our clients and their employees with any issues that may arise during the year. Frequent interaction, active listening and constructive dialogue ensure that you will enjoy the utmost satisfaction with your IFS experience.

The products and services we offer can be of critical importance to our clients. They provide financial security in retirement, resources for loved ones at ones passing, protection for important assets and access to quality healthcare for employees and their families. As a company, we never lose sight of the fact that when we adhere to our core values and offer quality products to our clients, we can make a tremendous difference in their lives when they need it most.






Whether you are looking for sound financial advice as you plan for your future, or are struggling with the ever-increasing cost of health insurance, our consultants and advisors have the tools and experience necessary to ensure your satisfaction.

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  • Employee Benefits

  • Financial Services

  • Individual Insurance

  • Retirement Planning



PMG Benefits Consulting

The focus at PMG is to deliver maximum return on your benefits investment, every time, with every decision. Premiums have never been higher than they are today, so many employers are having to cut their benefits plan. PMG steadfastly pursues solutions for each client through industry knowledge, technology and a shared desire for customer satisfaction.

Visionary Horizons Wealth Management

The mission of Visionary Horizons is to help their clients meet life’s complex financial challenges by offering an extensive list of services aimed at facing and resolving these issues. 


RHP Certified Public Accountants

For decades now, Richard H. Perry and his staff have been trusted advisors to key business professionals all across America. With a strict focus on protecting their clients’ money and with flawless reporting, RHP offers accounting at its finest. All CPAs are not equal. You work hard for your money. You should have the best looking over it for you.