PMG Benefits Consulting customizes and manages benefits for individuals and groups throughout the Southeast. Thousands of employees and their families entrust PMG with their employee benefits packages. As the health insurance market grows more complex, it takes more than just an annual quote to guarantee your company the best possible benefits plan at the most competitive premium. Utilizing our unique and proprietary T.E.A.C.H. program, our firm has successfully helped many of our clients break the cycle of endless double-digit rate increases, while restoring employee appreciation of plan benefits.

PMG partners with your company to provide year-round customized benefits services. We understand that your company’s greatest asset is your employee team, and that a strong benefits program will strengthen your employee relationships.



We understand the market, and are familiar with the underwriting nuances of each carrier. Likewise, our close working relationships with each carrier ensure that we’ll obtain the best available product for your company’s unique needs.

We keep you out of the insurance business by managing the entire process of quoting your benefits. We compile the appropriate data required by each carrier, then work closely with them to ensure that the quotes they release provide the competitive rates available. We’ll then present you with our findings in a succinct, easy to understand format, designed to simplify these often complicated products.

We regularly review claims data (when available) to identify risk factors that could affect your next renewal. This constant analysis allows us to proactively plan for your next renewal well before it occurs.

We ensure that your employees completely understand their insurance plan by effectively communicating all available benefit options. By facilitating and leading employee seminars, providing customized benefit summaries as well as powerful web-based tools, your employees will fully appreciate the value of their benefits package. These resources not only simplify the open-enrollment process, but are also effective tools when recruiting qualified candidates for employment.

We provide direct service to your valued employees through our experienced Account Management team. Rather than navigating a telephone maze at the insurance company, we invite employees to contact us and allow us to be their advocate to the carrier or healthcare provider. This service model provides the best possible insurance experience for your employees and reinforces the fact that we don’t work for an insurance company. We work for you!

Over the past several years, the area of employee benefits has shifted from a small part of company operation to a critical facet of business.  For many employers, insurance costs have become their second largest expense after payroll, weighing heavily on the bottom line. Yet a company’s benefit package can directly affect their ability to recruit and retain quality employees. It also adds to employee morale and helps employees to feel more appreciated.

An evolution has taken place in the insurance industry. No longer is the acquisition of medical insurance as simple as selecting the lowest rate. Today, insurance companies offer a myriad of benefit options, from benefit-rich PPO plans to Health Savings Accounts (HSA) to hybrid plans that utilize higher deductibles in conjunction with a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). Each option includes pros and cons that require careful consideration.

At PMG Benefits Consulting, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the benefits field. From our extensive knowledge of the industry to our qualified staff of account managers, our clients receive our very best throughout the plan year and not just at renewal time. In addition, our strong relationships with excellent insurance carriers ensure that our recommendations will always be most appropriate for your company. Furthermore, as markets evolve and benefits become even more complicated, our advice will always be honest, factual and relevant to your particular situation.

Self-funded health plans are one of the most complex insurance arrangements in the industry and require coordination and integration of various services. To truly manage a self-funded plan, a consultant must have the experience to see each situation from all possible perspectives.

Debbie Perry, CEO of PMG Benefits Consulting, is widely regarded as one of Tennessee’s foremost specialists in the implementation, administration and overall management of self-funded health insurance plans. Debbie spent eight years working for a managed care organization, four of which were spent as their director of Third-Party Administration operations. During her tenure, she helped design, implement and market TPA services for this organization.

Using her unique perspective and experience, Debbie developed the “Strategic Partner” initiative which allows our self-funded clients to enjoy the best services the industry offers while still providing minimal cost exposure. The partnership program allows us to carefully match each plan component to the client’s specific needs.

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Life insurance is vital to your financial plan. It can be a huge help to your survivors for debt payment, income replacement and savings for the future.  The team at PMG Benefits Consulting can also help you determine the right life insurance policy to meet your needs. We offer tailored solutions that take into consideration the financial needs of your loved ones. In addition, our partners at Visionary Horizons Wealth Management can assist with more complex life insurance arrangements and estate planning. 


While most people are careful to insure their health, homes, cars and other assets, many forget to protect their greatest asset – the ability to earn income. In the next hour, 57 homes will catch fire, 194 people will be injured in car accidents, 230 people will die and1,027 will become disabled. Disability is the cause for 48% of mortgage foreclosures. Only 2% are due to the death of the breadwinner. With the correct disability plan, you can protect yourself should the unthinkable happen. 

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