Are you a student, between jobs, self-employed or simply need access to personal insurance? We can help you obtain health insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost. Our relationships with multiple insurance carriers will ensure the best possible insurance value for you and your family. For every customer there is a custom solution. We analyze your insurance needs and then design a responsible protection program.


Life insurance is vital to your financial plan. It can be a huge help to your survivors for debt payment, income replacement and savings for the future.  The team at PMG Benefits Consulting can also help you determine the right life insurance policy to meet your needs. We offer tailored solutions that take into consideration the financial needs of your loved ones. In addition, our partners at Visionary Horizons Wealth Management can assist with more complex life insurance arrangements and estate planning. 


While most people are careful to insure their health, homes, cars and other assets, many forget to protect their greatest asset – the ability to earn income. In the next hour, 57 homes will catch fire, 194 people will be injured in car accidents, 230 people will die and1,027 will become disabled. Disability is the cause for 48% of mortgage foreclosures. Only 2% are due to the death of the breadwinner. With the correct disability plan, you can protect yourself should the unthinkable happen.